Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T.I. talks a jumper down from the roof

Imagine: rapper T.I. was on his way to a video shoot, and hears some dude is on a roof top, threatening to jump, twenty two stories. It all went down in the ATL: the drama took a turn where T.I. recorded a message for the police to use, and the suicidal man decided to end the situation safely.
Here was the interview with V-103, courtesy the trapmuzik site, home of T.I.:

Funny thing is: soon as I saw this, I wanted to use some version of it with our character, Trapmaster Kliklock, and didn't know the character and site have similar names! I am sure I will use it in Not Another Comic Book #1.

All I know, is, for a guy on his way to a probation review this week, that is one awesome piece of public service to bring to the people. So Be Chill
Cease Ill salutes our fellow Georgian, who has a pretty good story to take with him from here out. For that matter---so does the guy who decided not to jump!

People take life pretty hard sometimes; there seems no appreciable way to get attention, when what is really crying out inside is something that needs our focus. The love of being alive takes something deeper than what's on hand. Spirit matters. Think about the Chilean 33!

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