Friday, October 22, 2010

You're on your way to where you already are

Ok at cave spring , I read from the text, red-light turn right onto padlock rd. Go one mile up hill. Turn left onto ridge rd.
With every word, our friends Dixie and Charlie came closer to the place with this magical person, that person that makes you glad you have friends, you know?

The roadsign is gone but it’s right beside a house w a bunch of new fence posts in the ground.

That is exciting!!!! You have to really pay attention to the world around you to ever find my friend.

One thing Dixie has in common with me: if you are really a part of me, you are a part other people sometimes meet through my words and enthusiasm for you. I really love the stories. This one friend delivers an individual picture journal for chosen friends, and through them she saved herself. This person reminds you that you are glad to be alive. All of you do, in some way, telling me different things about it, life. “Life is the only writer, if you think about it,” once said Scarlett Dragon #9.

Ordinary life should stand out as fantastical. This life, were you excited by your days, you’d want to be a Methusulah! You want to live it like you’re living it forever.

So here we were, as though in Heinlein’s Gay Deceiver, a craft able to take her passengers to places in stories and their real, living people, engaged with your imagination. In stories, whether they know how to live or not, we watch the people live, as faces of ourselves.

You've written and drawn things together before you've been in the same room!

Imagine how you feel, when you meet the person who's helped you make your day, who you know you helped and for all the fun you've had together, you still have your first hug.

Imagine you're going along. You'll find yourself right here!
Now where we go, we’ve been in our hearts, because there’s freedom in these parts!
Every where you’re going, you’re going forever, so be here now.

The 21st
White house. Black shutters.

Brown dog.

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