Saturday, October 23, 2010

King Me


Your kingdom is those who love you.
I felt like I had been so close to these two ladies having coffee with me one fine fall Georgia morning. I’d been the closest friend I could be just before each of them found true love. Now they’d finally met, and best of all, there’s nothing Angela loves more than babies, and here now the newly-minted Mrs. Cooper’s filling out with little Tupelo. The request to the universe was: “please let me look pregnant and not just fat!” It came through before the week ended. For all the multitudes of plotlines and details we’d cooked up previously, I still felt a fresh start was the only way Sabrina and I could work on my adaptation of her own creation, the Scarlett Dragon #9. It was nice to show her total trust and love between two adults, because her heart was brave and her ideals to this thing still shone.

We filled timeless air with words of tomorrow.

Our re-acquaintance had been like meeting a whole new person, for me; road side clouds and flights of fancy between forested trees led to as much personal confession as we could have living 3000 miles apart. The reservations I sensed in my friend would pass as the energy continued to change, bringing her new love, her eternal love, into our life, as she feels his absence acutely while keeping touch throughout his teaching day, packing lunch and notes and snacks and texting her favored means of expression, pictures. She had a new beginning in so many ways, lately.

There seemed no way to commemorate the movement we represent, the way of thinking that seems so futuristic and outside the norms of where we grew up; it really wasn’t just an affectation, we are decidedly different in our daring. Aggressively individualistic impulses drove us to live with expression and honesty and something like freedom. Most of all I love how this manifests in her delightful kids.

Mrs. Cooper wants more than anything for Mr. Cooper to feel right at home in all parts of her life, so what better than to show us his art and his collection of short stories?

“God Hates Sin,” with its search for new identity in a New Orleans journey, is filled with weird characters and bizarre religious imagery and local details that would do Flannery O’Conner justice. Only later do I run across some OTO related article about absinthe and find its existence in New Orleans there in their canon itself as a poetic waxing.
I completely failed at changing Optimus Prime, but Sabrina’s been trying to help others into their new forms for quite some time, and aided me in doing so as easily as she re-worked this plastic figure Finn left on the table into its travelling form, its incognito Earthling appearance.

Similarly, she helped me feel the emergent artist me that could influence people and take some place in history---which is, after all, filled with just people---has a place on Earth, wheels to travel, a hidden savior hauling cargo in disguise. She shared my work and made me feel something of a cult figure, a beautiful fringe dweller, and this makes me want to work like never before, more days without end, because something comes through someone else can run with, in directions far beyond horizons I only glimpse. It is the way we live, and our decisions, and our discoveries, that is the genius, though we may feel in certain days no genius present at all!

Inspired by Darby as well as my lengthy puzzlement, I began drawing, in pen, a tiny free-flowing piece I believe stays on the refrigerator to this day.
Amy Holt texted us to claim Wednesday night for dinner and laughs. It feels incredible to be welcomed to so many doors, and to so well like the people inside them.

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