Friday, October 22, 2010

Wonder where I am

Finn’s completing sentences with his sister; his homework’s his chosen first priority. He wonders how it is we know his name already. Darby offers me a handshake. We walk down into the basement garage to find this:

We’re asked to play, so I try two guitars and play several songs, with accompaniment on hand drums and much dancing. Dixie recognizes her own garage dreams in the rather cozy and highly creative Gypsy Cave. Both my sisters have a great time before they go; they could hardly leave us in a happier place.

Soon Finn’s grabbing my hands to dance, and soon afterwards he brings me favorite figures from his Star Wars men, including Luke, Darth, and a one-armed Boba Fett. Indiana Jones and a Ben Ten creature remain in the bathtub upstairs, (but no Aqua Man), in a bathroom containing funny notes, little rebellions, an empty drink can, and a lovely Hawaii picture that's really Sabrina and Darby from an old life, so much so I recreated into her Mom and Dad before I bring it up haltingly later.

Darby asks to draw me. To keep me looking up, I draw her, too. I attempt Finn, who isn’t one to stay still and awake once it’s playtime, and that’s just what it was. Great music plays as Darby picks over her Mom’s tunes and delivers a nice Lou Reed set; she also draws Angela, telling us about how she wants to draw with no underwork for the figures, as a matter of artistic integrity. I don’t even know yet she’s about to have a Governor’s Honors interview in Physics a month later.

Sabrina’s finished pigs-in-a-blanket and soon we’re in the dining room, used for the first time by everyone! Amidst icons and cool blue, Finn treats us to all---nine?---of the character themes from Peter and the Wolf, sung from memory after seeing the movie a couple of times this year and last in music class---as we dine from Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer plates. Darby’s hunger is reserved for her new sketch, a third one, I believe, I may have never seen.

We enjoy the moonlit back porch by candles, as Sabrina takes Finn to bed this exciting night. It’s warm, but the Cave is hospitable, as Eric and I explore favorite far-out fringes and swap down-to-earth stories, and I show him a few early texts I’d kept, from his blushing new bride, to show what she shared that told me how much he means to her. I think Sabrina tells us about her off-duty turn as security for Willie Nelson, too, and how she especially enjoyed his son.

It smells beautiful, and our first night there, in a place we’d been invited to consider our home away from home, only ended so that Eric could report to work teaching middle school in the morning. Before we settled into our fold-out spot with clean sheets, we two did some yoga, as I’d started the day, blown by fans soon afterwards into the sea of dream.

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