Friday, October 8, 2010

Nerf Man

He's virtually indestructible, yet with his glider cape, he can become lighter than air! Twenty five feet (sometimes) flies the avenger of all things soft and light, with his posable arms and watching eyes. I remember coming up with his powers and turning the yard into distances the size of cities or the distance between planets, with my green super man poised in hand as I ran across the yard.

He was Nerf Man, and he was a brave champion of what was right.

He was quick witted, as swift as he was impossible to destroy. Whatever smashed Nerf Man, he remembered his original shape.

I was fascinated that the cape could be taken off if you could get the arms off. Many times was Nerf Man forced to reclaim his glider wings, in time to save the denizens of whatever made-up mish-mash city or country or town in which he found himself this time. Nerf Man also acquitted himself well both as foe and ally to many other toys.

What became of Nerf Man?

His mystery lingers in the air.

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