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A dozen to write

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Integr8d Soul will be appearing at the Anaheim Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, May 1st, get your tickets online or at the door, come out and meet Lue Lyron and the Marc Kane.

Organize a dozen stories you wish to tell (accepting a reserve slot for the one you just put aside days ago for reflection). Go!

Revisit 1This Star Fallen thinking of Vita as depending on music to live! She has lots of people who like her. She evokes either tolerance or irritation, but is basic ally a nice person, albeit with some edgy notions. The first meeting of several characters is also highly interesting when you know what’s to come. And who says I do?

The Triplets now have aliases they can use easily enough in the United States...they start to learn quite a bit of what the world's like, and when you look at some of it yourself, you see how it's not done the way that makes sense...I think they will find being normal teenagers an adventure. So, Eldon, Annalisa, and Zed are the identities taken by the Trips, Elda, Analogy, and Zero, who are only glimpsed at most in this story, "This Star Fallen." Here, we introduce a continuing cast, to a series of prose stories, all of which I'd like to adapt into comics, of course!

So: A cop meets a school teacher; a mom becomes a new school teacher; we get a bit of what the campus is like, what the day there is like...just before it all goes truly strange.

The dogs know something spiritually disturbing, but in each other find calm. They express tremendous grief and confusion! They have their understanding of the destruction, but also, of loyalty. If I had a dog right now, bet this would be easier to write.

3 Akuma Shogun (Tsunami)
Having flown a great ways to Japan from a wrecked boat, the vampire sees an elderly woman struggling to survive, some two or three days after the waves (inspired by a real such lady).
Akuma, who says his name is Ken, stays on the rooftop with her, himself hungry. He is impressed with her strength. He cannot truly help her, merely wait for her to pass. But will she survive her encounter with the tsunami, and the death angel?

4 Jinzounigan Kikansei (Tsunami): Nippon's Last Hope stands in the sun, as we find its pilot Sakura reviewing situation: how to shut down reactors. (Even beyond this great robot?)

Inspired, perhaps, by this idea while writing Awesome Android in last year’s “The Spill and the Spider” when I thought, “if only this mechanoid could be used for good in the face of disaster?”

This, storywise, is before the advent of Azuthar, an extra-dimensional monster, antagonist to all gathered. Perhaps I’m jamming in too much (having started with a set of real life human interest stories and going to five intersecting tales of the fantastic), but I feel fine so far. That’s what she said.

5. Subhuman Mutate: I’m starting to get a cool idea what kind of personality this outward monster has. And...remember the four month old baby story, from actual accounts, mentioned in previous posts? She has, in this story, a bizarre savior. Maybe a bit obvious, but you can do some interesting writing with the idea.

6. The story inspired by my collaborator...also considering debuting another new hero, who has to be read to be believed. This one got the most thorough stop and may have to become what it what going to be, but I do have this crazy idea...

7 Finally, I see these solo characters all meeting in a multi-level encounter with some serious unearthly death and badness, vying to be as horrid but more fear inducing even than the natural horrors upon the island nation. This gives me something more brief than simply writing three chapters of TRANZ as I'd planned: this is stuff I can finish this spring!

8Harvester of Eyes: The ending’s been playing in my mind most lately when I think of this story: I think I really got the first two thirds of this story the night I couldn’t sleep coming up with it.

9 Story for “Ghosts We’ve Met” in NOT ANOTHER COMIC BOOK #1. A variation, as it were, on previous efforts. Third time’s a charm---that’s right, third version of same comic book, only, most definitely not the same as anything. Pick it up and see what you think...late this spring.

I haven’t forgotten to work on DNA and STUX, so there’s two more stories, but wait until you hear about the newest member of our least, I hope so. An inker lives across the street.

It’s a complete dozen, then. I also have “Phenomenal Experience,” a story I started late last fall and then...waited. Wondered if I was chicken? Or did I want to seek out some more information in adding to the authentic vocabulary? I mean, life after’s as though the story could never be good enough unless it reveals to us how to do it, how to seek out the consciousness of the nearly departed and repair their bodies for continuing reception of their selves?

Any other story may leap back into the fray, but I see how I could easily do more than one version of any of these dozen, and over the past six months they are my well spring of ideas. Still, with all the new ideas, and new situations like attending shows, what else will come next? When will I find myself here typing? If I’m alive and well, won’t we see?

I spent the day examining Anaheim Comic Convention as a possibility and came up with two plans. More on which is chosen later. Lots of musical interest as well, made long list of covers.
My new model’s going to flip when she opens these pictures this morning.

Be Chill, Cease ill

Yes, before I'm done with all this, I will be ready to edit a volume of my writing for you to buy for yourself. I will make it affordable, okay?

Options for donors in the United States:

Network for Good's response to the tsunami. They have confirmed that the following organizations are mobilized to provide relief services:
AMERICAN RED CROSS (EIN: 53-0196605); Emergency Operation Centers are opened in the affected areas and staffed by the chapters.

SAVE THE CHILDREN (EIN 06-0726487); Mobilizing to provide immediate humanitarian relief in the shape of emergency health care and provision of non-food items and shelter.

GLOBALGIVING (EIN 30-0108263); Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

OXFAM USA (EIN 23-7069110); Oxfam is poised to respond if disaster strikes vulnerable countries in its path. has set up a Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund.

Text “RedCross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, 24480 Network Place, Chicago, IL 60673-1244.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is also tracking efforts from charities.
Give2Asia launches Fund for Japan Tsunami & Earthquake.
InterAction has a list of organizations accepting donations for disaster relief.
Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) brings hope to over 4.5 million children in need every year by giving them new clothes, shoes, books, toys , furnishings and baby gear. This is made possible by manufacturers, retailers and licensors who donate NEW product, as well as individuals and foundations who provide financial support.. The agency utilizes a global distribution network of more than 1,000 local nonprofits. You can make a donation to the K.I.D.S. Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children's Fund by texting the word ALLKIDS to 85944 to make a $5 donatoin to KIDS on your mobile phone bill. Because K.I.D.S. has a 10 to 1 system of matching $10 worth of product for every $1 donated, your $5 will provide $50 worth of brand new merchandise to victims in need.

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