Friday, April 15, 2011

"Think Integrated" The Los Angeles Debut

Sunday morning starts for us around three thirty a.m. We are supposed to be at the Greyhound station about 4:20 am. We leave for LA at 5:20, then ride for just under three hours. A few minutes later, we walk up the street and catch the metro 45, I believe, I will double check, maybe 451, and a few minutes later we catch the local 81 to Shrine Auditorium.

There, we two will attend our first convention as co-owners of our new business, which received its selling permit yesterday and will now spend a day offering our comic book DNA and our t-shirts, with original art on hand, already packed away on Friday night. We have our "till" ready and as I type by candle light, Dawn's getting in her guitar hour. Already, it feels the trip has begun!

Affordable, cool and one-of-a-kind just begins to describe your new t-shirts from INTEGR8D SOUL

"Think Integrated"

Both designs, in black
s, m, l, xl only $15 each
xxl only $17

Puzzle Girl
s, m, l, xl in white only $11
xxl only $13

Sponsored by

Ditary Mills

Where segregation is our daily work. Coir segregation, from the island of coconuts: nature's versatile fiber.

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