Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tsunami one

Nothing was more comprehensive than:,28757,2058716,00.html

So, this is my source material, along with personal experience and imagination.

For one, I know I'll get it done, and I picture it, at its end, moving people to send donations especially for the Red Cross. This time, if I will just take the journey, it will be worth it. I might help someone. I might help someone help someone. We might all feel a bit less helpless without simply escaping the story by any means.

The other story setting has to do with communication and supplies. Everyone wants to know what's going on. I am including ways such as Google People Finder.

So. WE have an ending. It is a fortunate one, which comes just as things can truly get no worse.

Heading for this certainty amidst uncertainties, we may as well begin with the most dire fear one can have. This has been my beginning point before. I know it is fierce beyond my experience. All my dread, I think, can not yet compare to this: a mother has lost her child, torn from her very grasp by hell on Earth.

A few memories here.
The inner strength to continue is explored. This mother is nearly mad with grief, yet she says little for herself, as she knows every one she sees is experiencing devastation.

Her journey to stay awake, to see the safety of her child, and the eight or nine battles she must fight within.

Or...we focus entirely from the child's point of view. In fact, that is the mother's sole emotional refuge, and in that is the light by which she continues to live. How her heart must break for those whose loved ones are lost!!

The sensations of being the four month old child, then, our innocence reborn alongside this tiny survivor; that is the center of our story.

The elusive cry, believed to be no more than a hallucination, comes amidst the gruesome discovery of many who lost their lives in the waters. Safety, after safety had before fled: that describes the place of the baby's discovery. Also, it describes the mother/ child relationship.

So: faith. Grief. Hope. The capacity of others to use their strength to help the most helpless. Some accounting of the surroundings, hopefully springing from the characters' feelings about what has happened.


Finally, what of the father? The relationship between the parents is the thing I can use personal experience to imagine. I'd want to completely be there for my poor wife if this were our situation. His needs and worries seemed most invisible to me initially.

I know what I am saying now. Let me think it over, and I'll come back with a rough draft; this is a sort of sequential outline.

Alright. In the meantime, I hope you've already given according to your ability. Thanks to every one of you who has the pride to work and sacrifice, you are heroes each and every one. Always do your best.

I believe this particular story will be "For One Tiny Miracle."

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