Monday, April 18, 2011

Too ridiculous!!

Look out, Astra Kelly has new music breaking; see the end of the program for that, and now here's:

So as I was sitting out here after reading over "Harvest of Eyes: First Approach", I thought about how much fun I had making new friends and just being friendly and having friends with whom to never grow old together.

great new version of this Bob Dylan song, from a most promising newcomer, may her career last on. Wow, how do you follow that? It's up to you.

I can't put any singer I can think of next to that after listening.

Okay. Now I'm back to Earth. Okay, I remember, after that build up, I promised you Astra's new song. You don't like it, phone the radio station, but I think you will, and here's someone who's paid dues and written and produced and I just admire her balance I wonder, what other great people will I meet upon venturing out now after the Con One has passed? Who's playing near you? Or what is the song in your own heart, with which you're creating moments?

In honor of my friend at Merchant's, my 6th Ave. convenience store, some Beatles every morning brings you...the Beatles!
Okay, that's too ridiculous, I'm out....Peace!

(I have tons more to do, but we'll get there.)

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