Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello, friends

Talk about a fresh start!

So without the sense of loss of anything, I simply woke up at 5pm (after writing and playing the night away), made cheeseburgers, watched Lawrence discuss phony Trump tactics and Limbaugh’s lack of understanding of Jesus, hah..and the verses were wonderful, enough to put some change in my pockets for beggars, though the one woman I did see needed only a smile---the tiny little old black lady, who sometimes walks dogs. We passed her as Angela discussed Scott Disick’s shock at being rejected upon proposing and her sympathy as they move on or try to, and was it a real blindside. She’d just seen a poppinjay type on his phone at the Hard Rock Hotel.
She’s laughing about the curtains filled with toliet paper and how she invoked Teaseberry to help her get at least some of it out. Now she’s talking about the sprigs of green that cross the face in her drawing of me, which I used to model a panel for a layout of the “flower/door” scene in NACB. She is also fascinated by her left hand callouses from her guitar playing, especially the first two fingers. Her drawing of our latest addition to the DNA cast made her and the model very happy.

I could feel the wish to pull things together, the willful desire for progress, yet I let go of any talk of it, nor of any of our ongoing stories, to enjoy a sensation of mental emptiness. If I was going for mental emptiness, the joke goes, Scott Disick was perfect subject matter. I kid. I’m glad I got at least this much exercise, and though I’ve yet to do more than yoga, I will promise myself again a sweat, if I would only find the time between doing everything and being too full or too hungry to exercise, hahah.
I enjoyed every step, fresh from my shower, and knowing: some space for the mind to take in one’s surroundings is good, even great here in San Diego. I am glad for Steph Johnson to be working with Maceo Parker (appearing at Belly Up), and feel no envy. I feel no gluttony. Really there is something to be said for life without excesses. As for the excitement that can veer up and down, I would like to pace it out to achieve projects from start to finish.

I walked, I let her guide us on whatever turn she wanted, except for my suggestion we try the MLK pathway, where the last of the sunlight falls; she’s trying to feel better about her nausea, her sinus infection or allergic reaction set up in her jaw on her right side, and after her medicine and her walk, it’s much better. That is an achievement I can enjoy! More than the fart I apparently missed, anyway, “the odiferous butt sound” she’s talking about while posing as a Stuck (easy enough to do, just grit your teeth, widen your eyes---but ‘they’ don’t apparently fart, themselves. They may not even have buttholes.). If I don’t drawn and share more of their many throwaway adventures soon, those characters promise to revolt---and I assure you, when they’re revolting in Uglyland, you will know it’s true.

I think some Blue Oyster Cult is up next, maybe we’ll practice some songs. (I have a cover of one of their most popular songs that just sprang up over the weekend; watch for it!) I’m sure we’ll be drawing, too. You never know: I just spent this time writing, maybe I’ll take a crack at one of our stories! There were a dozen on the list. Now two are finished. I think I will have a very nice collection available for you to download soon.

I honestly haven’t taken the time to figure out how to make the comic DNA #1 available that way, but in the meantime, feel free to buy an original copy from its premiere print run. I was just having fun laying out a page for its sequel last night! Just send $4.25 for a signed copy of the new comic to
Cecil Disharoon,
542 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
Or if you want a t-shirt, our black ones are $5 for shipping and handling for two, which are on sale for $25, so send $30 for two black ones, or just $25 for two white. We have Puzzle Girl and Hellcast graphics, both of which are covers to DNA #1 (Hellcast) and #2 (Puzzle Girl).
There are lots of things to do this evening, and I really had no idea in what order or what could be achieved, but I am glad I took the time to walk around the block, see the baseball fans, the families like the Asians with the two little boys having so much fun crossing the street, and the random extremely cute girl you tend to find, too, if you just walk a mile or so you’ll find many. The newest cashier at CVS is very friendly and dug my John Lennon t-shirt, which was a hit in Medium on Angela all day Saturday. She's in a red top with sleeves and three buttons from the shoulder, above "an itty bitty titty pocket" she says.

As the sun goes down and the last of the daylight sky, of a day I largely slept away in favor of some hours, I think about my many friends, and the good will sent to us by so many of you, and those who read that I’ll never meet, and as I have a sip from the Dr. Pepper given to me after our neighbor Janice accidentally bought the wrong thing, I take a deep breath, know that same feeling people really mean if they really mean it when they say God is Good, ponder when I’ll call my Mom back, and just watch this lovely woman blow kisses at me as she lounges on the bed from a few feet away. Sometimes all we really need is a feeling that, if it is important to our lives, we will find the time and place for everything that is ours, and all we are meant to give.

Now, let’s shut this window as the evening cools.

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