Tuesday, April 19, 2011

True to myself...

Okay. Now my tsunami stories have resulted in the creation of three strange new forms of savior in irradiated, devastated Japan. I thought about them in true, realistic human terms, first, and now, a month later, I am beginning to allow some creativity to come alongside my reverence for the loss of life.

I think the three I created this morning may join with some existing characters, Miracalla (a free spirited vampire of two hundred teen-like years) and Corin (a human boy sharing his existence with the cybernetic messiah).

I thought a vampire arriving upon this scene could be interesting, indeed. More on him later. I don't have a name for this old nobleman, don't believe anyone alive knows it save for maybe Lord Dragonvayne. I don't want a repeat of that character or I will decide to do him here instead. Shogun Akuma (demon, fiend) is what I'm thinking. Akuma and Valkyrie Maid will be the key to stopping this Azuthar from crossing over. Someone (Cooper Bloodsworth?) is making a spell at the time that brings Sylvane to carry the battle to Azuthar's dimension, and thus, away from earth.

I haven't forgotten the Harvester of Eyes either, over in integr8dfix.blogspot.com so after some rest I'll practice guitar and work on the next installation of that story, which will go three, four parts, if I don't finish it now...maybe I should make it under 4,000 words and see if Red Stone wants it?

So: Danger Bot, Subhuman (a Russian, changed by Chernobyl), Shogun Akuma, my newest three, meet Valkyrie Maid, Miracalla, and a character whose name I'm remembering, who is my fourth new creation, and my third of the night...and also, Corin, Cybernetic Savior.

Shogun Akuma may meet Miracalla. The story of the 77 year old woman clinging to the rooftop for three days (was it four?) before being rescued will intersect with this new character. Now, it's got something original. Maybe I should've just written about them straight, but I still will, I just might add a twist, in "Meet me by the Sea."

I thought of a mutated subhuman emerging in the waters, after long years of self-imposed exile from man. Subhuman will intersect with the story about the four month old baby.

The two dogs will be as it is. I believe.

Robotto Kikensei, or Danger Bot, is a seventeen foot tall robot created in secret for the purpose of dealing with superhuman catastrophe. Danger Bot's pilot is Kumiko Sakura, and her inspiration is the Fukushima fifty, and the samurai before them. I know they would've welcomed something like Danger Bot to provide shielding and apply superhuman strength to burying the reactors. I do not want to trivialize the lives lost in Japan, but I thought about having something horrible emerge, conjured unintentionally by the sacrifice of their lives...something seeking to ruin the leaking reactors further. I believe Valkyrie Maid is drawn there by the courageous ones who sacrifice their lives for others, and she is also brought to witness (but not yet to accompany) the Fukushima Fifty, that is, the workers who exposed themselves to deadly radiation in an effort to save their country from ruin and further destruction. So, she and Danger Bot will share an adventure.

I will now do my five tsunami stories with my own science fiction flavor involved. I will still present them as a gift to those who have donated to Red Cross but I will check out the many resources and see if there is another suitable one we can help support.

I will then render them in comic book adaptation when I work on Portal Immortal (after Not Another Comic Book one and two, DNA 1 and 2, and Stux 1 and 2 are published).

I don't know where this will fit into my Portal Immortal series, but it will. (Next, I figure out how to thread it through 3, 4, 5, and 6)

I won't even have the first one drawn until the end of the year, though! Maybe I'll revise the early episodes and insert these tales-perhaps as early as issue four. Perhaps even issue three? Valkyrie Maid's services in Japan would trigger her appearance, and would send her children to safety, thus conjuring the Triplets (Eldon, Zed and Annalysa), who then begin figuring out how they might be able to start a more continuous life here on Earth, and theirs is the main plot in three, then the subplot in four (where I can introduce brand new Danger Bot, and perhaps, these other characters...)

I think it heralds something much more terrible, and that is the threat that will bring Corin, our Japanese Shogun vampire, Miracalla, the Subhuman, Danger Bot, and one final character (two? a guest, in Sunstrike and Valkyrie Maiden? or even Eldon (Analogy) Jerasun, Annalisa Kane(Elda Kane), and Zed Jerasun (Zero). Sounds cool!

That final character is an Indian island flavored response to my favorite wall crawler...and his story will be the one my friend suggested, about survivor guilt, and will focus mostly upon sisters and a family full of high standards and little affection, changed forever by natural disaster. I have the name, somewhere.

I can't find it yet, but I'll ask..

At least, this take has me still thinking about the series I've been writing and keeps my word about the tsunami stories at the same time. Dual purpose!

And, Johann's response:
Spiderman = Makul Miniha
Shogun = The name of my 125 Labrador who is afraid of thunder, lightning and fire crackers.
Vampire Shogun = Please read Dr. Who the eight and ninth Doctor ( The collected works ).

Sri Lankan Super Powers = Because he took this to heart
"Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books. But after observation and analysis, when you find that it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." ... The Buddha ( I believe that this saying and another is the basis for his power ) ...... or .......

Finds the original Navarathne ( The 9 gems of power a.k.a the 9 gems of renewal) sans 1 ( Debra lost 1 of the gems in the navarathne pendant she had made fer herself). Although I think the navarathne concept is too close to the infinity mitten saga.

Then he offered some inspiration:
Sunstrike = Batman Beyond / old Batman ( the one who was not chummy with anyone except Robin and Alfred; Bats has too many friends these days ). Works with / or against the league ( depending on the agenda or situation) but does not join.

Also look to Warren Ellis for a few hero idea's

Then, he remembered exactly the character for which I was asking him to contribute:

"And I think I have told you about the " Black Warrior " 5 nerds ( from Mallet or Big Bang Theory ) who invent and share a suit of Armour ( the confusion is endless and funny ). Can make two of them women ( I can see it now :- one of the chicks wearing the " Black Warrior " falls in love with Sunstrike and comes on to him and then when he hits on her later it's a guy wearing the suit .)"

(That is a great idea, Johann. We haven't talked about Black Warrior since we lived near the Black Warrior River!)

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