Saturday, April 9, 2011

Integrate Ambitions: the music in progress

There may be some dark horse stuff that springs out and says "record a version of me!" but so far as things go:

1: Integrated Soul will record "The Key" and "U R Me" as a sort of demo single thing. "Dream We All Can See" should be recorded around then, too. This, we hope to do in April.

2: In May, we hope to be laying down our EP.

3: If everything comes together, by the end of the summer maybe we'll have something for our first full recorded album.

Song list:

EP ?
1 the Key Double Jeoparme Little Pretend Wars
Spiritual Light Starwhirled

There's 40 copies of the Angel Printing First Edition of DNA #1, signed, for $3.25 each. I'll present a P.O. Box Tuesday; until then just write

Album ?

1 Living We As Stardust 2 Left Hands Illusion Dear Future Angel Morn

6 Trippin’ to California 7 Say What 8 Escondido 9 It’s Getting Dark 10 Were the Mayans Really Right?

11 Don’t Fear the reaper* (Which we will record, but royalties? I Love the Night or the Subhuman would be another great cover, more obscure. Yes, we are dragging out the keyboard more well as the guitars.)

12 U R Me 13 FinN

(*Which we will record, but royalties? I Love the Night would be another great cover, as would be Subhuman, also more obscure. Let's see what kind of rhythm section we get.)

There is another thing I want to record I call Roshomonics, but I'll take my time with it. Might be fun to record with an autumnal flair! May just be writing them then, but I'll record something anytime a neat thing comes together. Let's hope. Sometimes, you are just playing for Ganesh, Hermes.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Thank you and good morning.


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