Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dixie calls the dolphins with Angel

I thought about the dolphins
Dixie said she'd called them from the pier
and while apart, we're always near
and so her Angel sister wins

They both visit the sea, completing a spell across both coasts.
Dixie led us to think ahead, but surely when we got to the sea
we were going to do it: call the dolphins. Oh, not to ask them to come to us,
though she was at a good place to host them...just to let them know we were here.

And I thought about the whales, too, having seen their spouts and great backs,
as well as the dolphins and seals, and stood for a moment on the beach just pondering them, alive out there.

But what I thought was a way to touch the creature beyond with my awareness, I learned that was only one part, a more surface wave of a deeper body's existence.

The sisters can never truly be separated. Angel called in the west, Dixie called in the east, "dolphins...dolll--phins...dolphins" It was really something funny and fun to Angel, whose real reason to do it all was to celebrate her sister.

I was just a silly man imagining the minds of dolphins, following along.

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Anonymous said...

THAT - WAS - AWESOME!!!! I actually clap my hands a LOT and go EEEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEE - my version of dolphin voices. Here is the youtube video I uploaded where you can here me call them and see them popping up to look at the CRAZY human lady attempting to talk at them. Who knows? I coulda been calling their mommas fat or something!!! I love you both and it makes me smile SUPERHUGE to think of my twin Angel doing the same on the other coast!!! In the first five minutes of the video you see lots of dolphins popping up!