Monday, January 2, 2012

Lindsay White's toothache

Friendly San Diego (really Encinitas?) musician Lindsey White has a toothache! The tooth's about to be pulled, but would you send your kindness, energies, prayers to her endurance?

Got her covered?

Now, what it means to her, what it means to you, whether you think you know her or not, and as Marc Kane says, what energies are aligned, and how do we experience feeling connected? What are the finer points of focusing our intentions to get a more thorough healing effect?

Well, those are your questions as well as mine. But the feeling of desiring healing for another is as fine a feeling as you can know, with no more than thin air and your heart to center the experience.

Tomorrow, we can talk about just what that might mean...but what do you think, today?

We could just as easily make it about Dixie calling the dolphins, as she went to Florida to do New Year's Eve. That might be a lot of fun tomorrow, too!

Happy New Year!

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