Sunday, January 1, 2012

Imagine, if you found yourself experiencing.

If belief is something we can have or not have, doesn't it involve how we link how things that seem separate from us are really part of us?

Belief is where you put everything important to you. Isn't it?

Imagine trying something like chartering your own organization of your personal beliefs, taken from where ever you want, discarding anything you see fit.

Or, no pressure:

Imagine taking the parts made to complete other things, if you will, and making your own wacky bird sculpture!

What if your relationship with Creation and becoming aware of being the Creator called upon you to spend all your spare time exploring the places of that awareness and reading so that you provide light to great mysteries common to us all?

Imagine if you made something like your own church, your own focus to healing people and encouraging them in finding the challenges in life which belong to them uniquelY.

Imagine if every one would take the interest in organizing just what it is they believe, examining the qualities and origins and effects of those beliefs.

Create your belief.

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