Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Go Back to Ourselves

I have an ambition: not to time travel excessively to the illusion I call "my past" unless I'm there for a centered purpose. Time travel? Well what else do you call living in the past? Especially to keep fighting a battle no longer present, if you but choose to take your energy from its perpetuation.

As of right now, today, it's my intention not to travel back past this point too much. What is meant to come with us is already "packed" carefully, and the rest of our experience needs room for new ideas and places and people and renewal with what's gone before, as though it were our garden, ready to be tilled again as the frosts recede.

If we're going to spend time looking at previous causes, let's just skip this illusion we've known as life and recognize our original selves! From there, all is new, invention comes, and a thirst, rather than a fear, guides us into greater challenges. Let all the challenges we take up be meaningful to us. Let the many springs of greater wisdom, humor and delight arise in our world and its beings. Let us not mistake ourselves for that which we've taken on, but know who we were upon launching into the world, and let that degree of awareness, like being born again, come upon us, regular, yet always appreciated. Be old. Be new. Be your most original self. Be yourself of your own choosing, be your own moment of conception, be the owner and the servant of your life, which you borrow from the universe to make all the days of your time. Good will follow you wherever you go, and come what may, my friends, Be Chill, Cease ill

Photo, New Year's Eve, Kudzu Mountain Gypsy Cave

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