Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A world, Stuck with me

"Get Stuck and Love It!"

What's my birthday wish?

Whenever everyone in the world feels stuck, they get STuck instead! Just grit your teeth, empty your eyes of jaded views, smile till your cheeks get sore, and express your mental calamity you call your conscious mind without letting your teeth part, and anything you say with your face stuck that way is going to sound hilarious! See if you don't make yourself laugh!

Once you start this practice, it creeps up regularly; you start smiling as vacantly as possible, and let yourself become someone who doesn't even understand your life, your mind, nor need you care!

My sister and I started all this many years ago, calling our imaginative race of characters "Uglies" and playing out different ones, mostly based around funny ideas more than any sense of a life story. Ah-hah! You see? North, South, Central, East and West Uglyland (with Pooverdoo, the puppy-people Canada, I guess, to the north), were just a place we shared to compile our many warped gags, as thought out ingeniously by our deliberately stupified minds, and not only the universally-feared, mighty, furious Saga herself, but all Uglies, were just ways to make each other laugh!

Once the Marc Kane realized they weren't Ugly, they were Stuck, it all fell into place!

Humanity at large often seems stuck in ways, and some ways are useful to remember, and some are just dominant because they've become the big, new, but mostly wrong way to do things. If our imaginary people are doing things the wrong way, in every way they know how, at least these Stuckwayze are true to themselves.

Does it still work! Hell yeah it does! So Angel and her sister have their dolphin connection. Well, as she sat and watched the ocean, a flock of gulls, at least thirty or more, flew parallel to the shoreline, and she called to them. "They're going to come right at you," I said, with my teeth stuck firmly together. Sure enough, here they turn the next second, diving in on us as close as possible before soaring away into the sky! Ugh, dell me that's not magic! It's well documented (thumbs up). Wherever my sister may be, whenever she remembers her Uglies and goes Stuckwayze, too, she completes OUR spell, as the magic of the little faces such as the one drawn in my Aunt Linda's bathroom on the wall at eye level when you sat on the toilet continues to bring these strange imaginary people to life in our smiles.

If we’re going to share a state of mental illness, why not devote it to comedy?!?

It really worked for me, ugghhh!!

I used to feel ill or contrary sometimes, or even just silly, but maybe I didn't know the right way to let it go! Then I learned from the Uglies in the Good Old Days. The Stuck Angels I saw and reached to even touched me and made me fish out one night, but that's another story.

As I grew used to making the Stuckwayze smile and taking my disagreeable nature for humor rather than anything able to disrupt the harmony, I certainly realized I was neither angry nor sad, but rather, inspired now, for the sTux have long waited to come into the world, and always to serve a purpose! They are my daily embrace of elasticity, so I am not weighted down too much by the guy I think I am here being. It works; as Ogie likes to say with a thumbs up, "It's Well Documented!"

That sounds great, ugh!! How do I get Stuck?

So, how can you help? How can you adopt a Stuckwayze today?

Make your face look like this, as much as possible:

(remember to make drawing to put here! Work truly hard on it.)

That's how you adopt a Stuckwayze! Give them homes---your homes---with a donation from your heart, as well as your face.

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