Saturday, March 5, 2011

Believe it's true

By this point, years ago, there was no doubt
wise enough to know, while the rest of life, we guess about
Hi, how are you? So many ask but do they know?
some part of me it stays to ponder as I go

ooo, wait and see: I've got a plan to take me walking
on bended knee: I've seen a dream now I start talking

High and away, the pitch is gently drifting
delivery, I found that I'd unlocked a person
who needed me? I packed to leave the town a phantom
new seeded me: found sincerely in the versin'

You, I could see, and could not look away without finding your cheer,
I came to find it dear, and I saw one good woman, a light to love and a ways to climb
let's scale together, building up words with our rhyme

So many years, always wanted to find who
We told them all, believe we are power of two
and so are you
and so are you
because it's true
it's all out of the blue
but I believe it's you
I believe it's true
I believe it's, I believe it's you
I believe it's true

and we will find a way to our love, to our love
(just like years before)
(now we're so much more)
I believe it's true.


Happy Anniversary, Angela! and Cease!

--Rotelli ---Other ---Ernie
---Ms. Watson ----Yoda Question Face
---Iwanago Somewhers ----Bama Comrire 0000Happy Surprise
----Abril ----Nicola ----Ray ===Zafooie ---Huzitwatsit ----I Don't Know
----Lyron ----Lue ----Logan ---Hulk
----Teaseberry ----Shahlihli ----Elvis Presley
----Willie -----Ogie ----SAGA!!! ---Paw Paw and Maw Maw
----Peter Parker ---Bean ----Rachel Madcow
----Crowley Gerard ---Mysti Hazel ----Ragged Robin
----Dark Poet ----Boone's Farm ---bill Maher
----Remus Sharptooth ---Vado Bujinka ---John Constantine
00xxoxCelestia Englehart xxooxo Gabby Pepper Smalley
----stuffed Spider-Man ----Shamilal Asano ---the Coke can
----Bubba Cheechul 000--Bug ---American Standard
----Crystal Light ----Cheese Package ---Joy
----General Tso ----Snoop Dogg ====Merlin
----David Bowie ----Rachel Zoe -----Jesus
----Mariyan ---Nido ----Jennifer Walters
---Clavell ----Oslar Bran ----John Lennon
----Bob Marley ----Jack Kirby ----Martin Luther King Jr.
-----Ghandi ====Scarlet dragon #9 ----Pee Pee

and there's more on the other side :-D

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