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Best 25 Moments in Super Hero Comics and the Latest Million Dollar comic

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How do you come up with the Best 25 Moments in Super Hero Comics?

Well, I didn't bother to read much of the list originally posted on Comic Book Resources, because I found "Joker shoots Barbara Gordon" from the Killing Joke as the #1 Favorite Moment and that day felt, "they don't know anything." Looking now, there's some cool stuff, too, like the Green Lantern Hal Jordan taking his first oath.

I welcome everyone who'd like to comment; those are rare treasures on even terrific blogs (which is sometimes true of this one). I doubt we'll come up with a vote for a final total, though; I think the fun's trying to come up with the answers, or if you've never read them, reading about some of the neat stuff (described ALL-too-briefly here). It's something fun to pass a few minutes. Some, everyone knows.

I realize a poll's difficult to organize; the first idea is to create rounds, March Madness style brackets, as a single poll for each instance yeah or nay would be true madness in March. But I like this freewheelin'
name your faves approach just fine.

25 of My Favorite Comic Book moments in Super Hero Comics (in no ranking order:)

All humans (and perhaps a velociraptor) gain super powers vs. Mageddon in JLA #41

Peter realizes he's caught his Uncle's murderer too late, complete with dot eye Amazing Fantasy #15, his origin (This story is in a comic that just sold, in almost completely perfect condition, for $1.1 Million Dollars. )

Banner pushes Rick Jones to safety Hulk #1

Jean saves the universe, X-Men #108

Jean gives her life on the moon, X-Men #137

Kal-El rockets from doomed Krypton

Bruce sees the bat as an omen (the Wayne parents death will get more votes, 'cause the little boy decided to become the hero, really. The bat is an epiphany, a moment of great triumph)

Warlock returns from the jewel to defeat Thanos (wish I had that one! I never have!)
Flash gives his life in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Veidt reveals his plan---twenty minutes too late Watchmen #12

Spider-Man buries the Juggernaut in a building foundation in ASM #230 (I've never had that one, either, I think)

Cap reawakens in the Silver Age amongst the Avengers (Avengers #4, 1964)

Guardian dies Alpha Flight #12

"He looked as if he'd been crying" (Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Superman Annual, 1985)

Wolverine rises from the sewer to fight the Hellfire Club (end of X-Men 131)--this is the moment, IMHO, that made Wolverine

Spider-Man frees himself to get the serum to save his Aunt May(Amazing Spider-Man 33)

Death of Gwen Stacy ASM #121

Death of Pa Kent , All Star Superman #7

"Luthor ... brain beats brawn every time!" (All Star Superman #12)

Batman surrounding himself with gasoline and then striking a match, ready to take on the white martians. (JLA) (Thanks Don, those were such quirky moments, very fun)

This would be a good death, but not good enough (Dark Knight #3)

"One punch!" Bats clobbers Guy Gardner, JLI #5

The Scarlet Witch hexes Dormammu into the Evil Eye, Avengers ...#113?

Surfer decides to fight for humanity (geez...or the arrival of Galactus. What a tense mood!)

Putting Namor behind her at last, Sue Storm marries Reed Richards (a composite moment, but I love the hope, against the grain of Marvel's soap opera approach)

Thanks to the fun guys over at IMWAN for getting the ball rolling and reminding me to forget my stupid problems and escape from the catastrophes great and small a little while, to come back to my needs with a fresh approach: all with the celebration, paradoxically I suppose, of irrelevance!!!

Still, Be Chill Cease ill

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Bigby Wolf said...

"He looked as if he'd been crying" (Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Superman Annual, 1985)

I was in tears when Krypto died.

"One punch!" Bats clobbers Guy Gardner, JLI #5

The above could be considered a joyous occasion.

Death of Pa Kent , All Star Superman #7