Sunday, March 20, 2011

Equal time

Stand your eggs and greet the growing light!

The world's a complex place. Scott Disick might start a trend because of ironic hipsters embracing his walking stick trend to mock it. Let's not even get into Libya here (ask me, I'll tell no lies). Some things, however, have a seeming eternal simplicity. Even with the recent shift in the Earth's axis, once a year the minutes of darkness grow longer than those of light...and today, as my friend the Magician put it, "the Light begins to have the upper hand for a while in the cosmic game of on and off!"

Let me share another thought involving balance. If you want to compliment someone, you don't have to tear down anyone else in comparison; let it be what it is. You know---to make for the other outright complaints, if nothing else. When you do a good thing to feel good and make others feel good, let it be what it is. You don't have to equivocate it. There's enough wrong in the world. If you put some thought into giving positivity to your friends or even random strangers that pop into your life, you may not always get it back immediately, but you always feel better later as a person for it.

If at all possible, enjoy some outdoors time today. It's really cloudy here, but I know the sun's on the other side of those clouds, and, the perils of pollen season put aside, lots of beautiful things are beginning to take form, where the smell of soil and rain bear their cradle.

So pour your libations, light your candles, and whatever your inclination, may you find a balance today that will support your way! Balance makes more things possible in life, so make those things what you value. Sow your seeds---spring is on the way.

Photo: Eric Joy

Photo: Paige Tree

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