Thursday, March 3, 2011

Return of the Baby Post

So Natalie Portman's having a little boy...and Paul (KISS) Stanley and his wife are having their third!

Isla (Rango) Fisher's baby's name is no longer a secret! Siting Celebrity Baby Scoop:

"According to sources, the baby's name is Elula!

Elula is the feminine form of the Hebrew word "Elul" - the name of the sixth month of the Jewish calendar, which usually falls between August and September."

In other bump news, Selma Blair's looking sweet and still fairly petite, as her bump shines through a nice casual ensemble as she roams West Hollywood, here today:

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are talking baby names...

Kourtney Kardashian decided to stop breast feeding...Basically, baby Mason just decided to stop asking. He went from tugging at her shirt once a night to just...stopping. It's hard, severing the bond, but time moves on.

Boardwalk Empire star Gretchen Mol, 38, just delivered her second child, Winter Morgan Williams, in the past two weeks.
Hope this delights those of you who want to enjoy my columns---but just don't go in for mind-blowing science fiction-flavored epics!

Now: here's where they tie in together! Angela found a terrific, heart-warming but bone-chilling story about a baby who was stillborn, having bled to death, essentially, in the womb. But it doesn't end there: thanks to a freezing process I need to research, they saved the baby's life and revived her three days later!!! It was the very next detail I needed, too, for "Phenomenal Experience"---so we all win!! I sometimes can't get these links to activate but it's well worth copying and pasting into your browser!

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