Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, Monday from Citrusville's Rock FM

Listen, I'm about to have an exciting announcement on, which is going to be a really deluxe space for you to groove before we're through.

Meanwhile, as we get it all together behind the scenes, let's do some jams this Monday!

Pick your style, try something new, but don't let Monday get you down, it's just the start of better things, believe it. This is Richard Rory, rolling into the week with you on Citrusville's Rock FM!!!

That's the Lovebugs, with the Key...gotta get up, y'all! Rise and shine, as we watch the sun come up on a Florida morning that looks to be cloudy, with clearing skies by noon, high in the low's some get up music:

Eminenm, Till I Collapse (with Nate Dogg) Don't Give Up Music!

Monday Morning, Live Fleetwood Mac

Monday, Monday Mamas and the Papas, from 1966, Hollywood Palace

WNRV, Omegaville, Citrusville!!!

Tegan and Sarah, Monday, Monday, Monday

Manic Monday, Live, the bangles! For our pal, Hugh, good energy to you, buddy!

with that said, here's a request from our early morning listener Vita, some new rock to start off your week, from the Brian Jonestown Massacre:

Nice textures in those guitars, freaky vocal...all right! So how about we continue our role with some Grohl? Acoustic Foo Fighters...Citrusville Rock FM...

Here's a request from Stanley Adams, up all night writing a book about love everlasting...nice Beach Boys nuevo here, from Ariel Pink...

This is Richard Rory, churning out the swamp rock for you this Monday Morning...Jammin' Jameson's coming in next, more requests on the way...beat those blues back, bat those lids, open those eyes, it's going to be a beautiful day...thanks for diggin' the graveyard shift with me...more music on the way, with the Strokes, Neon Indian, Gangstarr and Blue Oyster Cult coming up in the hour, on Citrusville's rock FM!!! Live long and prosper....

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