Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few more really great comic book moments

My drawing, after Colan.

.I've referred back to earlier posts. Now I've edited it to 25, with personal fave honorable mentions moved below: I love every Gerber issue of Man-Thing, but that kind of title doesn't dispose itself well to this. Hmm.

Spider-Man refuses to give in to D'Spayre ( I could do 25 Spidey moments :-D) *
aRt: John Byrne

Gamma Town is created when Whatever Town is destroyed by the Leader's Gamma Bomb (Hulk #345) ARt: Todd McFarlane

Doc Strange "dies" (DS vol. 2, #4) *

Spider-Man catches the Burglar, who then has a heart attack (another synopsis I've read, and don't have the comic! ASM 200) *

Batman shakes hands with Lex Luthor---dynamite! Kingdom Come #3

Thor, in the Destroyer, forces Hela to lift her brittle bone curse Thor #382

Scorpio commits suicide Defenders #50

Captain America finds his footlocker ravaged at the end of "Seige of Avengers Mansion" (#276)

I don't imagine heroes like
dr. strange or a quiet moment like the one with Cap and that foot locker (haven't seen it in almost 20 years
but never forgot Buscema/ Palmer's panels) would end up going so far in a conglomerate list, but here's a nice collection
based on stories I at least know. We'd all vote differently somehow (and the more you think about it, it just grows huge)

One thing I've noticed: some heroes have had more generally-acknowledged great moments, and some long lasting
stalwarts (thinking of Iron Man, Submariner) had great moments within their titles that aren't as widely remembered.

(never had the Korvac saga, but I imagine that ending is UP there)
Another decade and the answers could've been: Hobgoblin revealed to be Ned. But frankly, Spidey's battle with Hobby in the
careening Goblin Van in ASM #251 was a way bigger hit with lil' me.

I want to say Dracula fights Quincy Harker in his home in TOD #32 but I can't narrow it to a moment. If you can only own
one issue of the series---get that.

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