Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(? or: ) Gary Shipman, Astra Kelly, and repercussions of Benghazi

Good lord, what next?!?

Must meditate.

Okay. Some of my thoughts today:

I have a young friend who just needs to talk to a good friend, but she loves her family.

Another friend is planting her seeds for the season. I want to go back and read details. She's got some crabgrass to deal with, but feels that dandelions are fine, anything that blooms shouldn't just be thought of as a weed.

Oh, this almost ended up being Baby Blog II. Who was looking forward to that? I was thinking of putting up Jessica Alba and the dude from KISS, Paul Stanley, who's having a child, and delicious Milano.

It was almost a Charlie Sheen blog. But please.

i thought mostly of other, real, people today.

My artist friend Gary L. Shipman is unbelievable. We also had a hell of a good time on the phone for 75 min. See the new cover at last: It doesn't work for you, cut and paste, it's worth it.

It's hard to cross the desert from Benghazzi to Tripoli. So, it's more of an armed rebellion in defense. Will the suburbs of Tripoli mobilize? Otherwise, it's hard to supply-line your way across the desert that far. Plus, it's vulnerable to air attack, and one thing Quadaffi has is planes.

The WEst was dealing with the Devil, and now the Devil is getting his due. Libyans are going to have to die for there to be a Libya. It's true. But there's calm. There's hope. Here's to the "drug-crazed youth", everywhere.

And now I realize a 'no-fly zone' is not just a request, it's a war strike, first, according to the Dept. of Defense via Robert Gates.

In response to reading about the phony kidnapping numbers perpetuated by the Phoenix Police Dept. in return for $1.7 million.

We've been sayiing you have to be ready to see thru these people, as long as I've known you guys. Our country can't keep goin like that 25, 50 years. This recession's nothing compared to what's coming if there's not enough change. That nexus is here, people are having to stand up for their rights every where. We're not fucking masses, we're individuals.

My friend Wes put this thought well:

"No doubt - I'm not a paranoid nut - but outside of just straight "pork" projects (bridged to nowhere, etc..) misappropriation and backroom embezzlement s at the highest it's been in years, and this is a small flagrant example of 1 of thousands that just happened to get caught. The system has it's flaws, and now, probably a reflection of falling revenues during a recession, this type of thing is rampant, and I see it leading to a series of events that may seem catastrophic, but that will ultimately open the way for a society that is a little more evolved than what it is today. Many things will contribute to the future outcome, and one of the most important of these is ourselves, and the actions we choose to take now and every day thereafter. The folks across the Middle East are doing this now, and I believe the end result there, not in the immediate mind you, will resemble the EU."

That's at least one far-sighted outcome.

Crystal Light gave me some spins on her Mafia Wars casino slots. And I passed along this exchange:

C: Oh, goodie, Astra's my pal.

sister Dixie: well you tell Astra she is out of this world!!
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C Lue Disharoon ♥ ♥ ♥, to be exact.
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Astra Kelly ‎:)


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