Thursday, March 3, 2011

President Obama is American---really! And my friend, Rufus

I'm not suggesting you think one way or the other about politics; adults usually don't change their minds. But let me put something to rest:

President Obama is an American. I even hear he likes apple pie.

He helped his high school team win the Hawaii State Championship in basketball.

He ran against Hilary Clinton. Can you really find it in your heart to believe, if he wasn't American, she would just let this guy get away with the Democratic nomination? That makes zero sense.

Not even Presidential candidate-in-waiting Mike Huckabee believes in the birth document conspiracy---did his parents already decide he would be President someday and fake a birth certificate and announcement in Hawaii?

But the Huckster's recent AM radio appearance involved a statement that his young views were shaped by growing up in Kenya, with his father and grandfather. This would affect his feelings about, say, the violent Mau Mau revolution, and give him an anti-colonial point of view. Really? Gov. Mike, you are a relative voice of conservative reason. You've done a lot of things right and are an affable guy. But you know Obama didn't see Kenya until he was a grown man, trying to visit his father. He saw Kenya for a month. That's a pretty serious "misstatement" to have all those details.

On "O'Reilly" he tried to underscore that he "misspoke" (but that's a lot of details for a slip of the tongue) but really means: Obama is not like the rest of "us." "Most of us grew up in the Boy Scouts" he mentions; well, not the female half of our populations, and really, not most men. And if Obama didn't play baseball, there's this thing called Basketball that we invented in America around 1869, which he DID grow up playing. He even sinks the trey.

I just wonder.

Isn't there enough to put together a legitimate platform for an opposition candidate? I have plenty of problems with the way things are governed. For that matter, I'm sure, so does the President. Opposition is the work of testing and probing policy; it is a legitimate use of our First Amendment rights and a vital part of our democracy.

Is there just not enough money for a critical voice to appeal to America---and so, these desperate, discredited measures? If not---why not? Are you saying he's doing as good a job as anyone? And if you are...then why say he's not an American?

We have REAL problems in this country. But Barack Obama is an American.

Put his highly-affected Baptist-flavored cadence aside if you must, but Prof. Eric Michael Dyson got it right: "if you can't like this black man, not even as a black man but as a human being, then there hasn't been a black man made that you will like!"

Well, maybe! Is the problem that you just prefer country people over city people?

My friend Rufus was a tow-truck operator. He lost his hand in a tow winch years ago. He could fix almost any old car problem. He passed away before there were too many car computers; he never out-lived the usefulness of his skills. He could check a car's tuning by holding a wooden handle to the motor and the other end to his ear. He took homemade sausage and eggs, from his own animals, to people he thought needed or might appreciate them. He would drive his car all the way up to your porch---all the way. He was a dear, dear man, who told me so much history and had so much heart.

He's been gone six years ago, today.

If Obama is too ...I don't know what...for you, I just wish you could've met Rufus. We will never see his like again.

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