Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Pole Fitness Championships

American Pole Fitness Association sponsored its very first Female and Male championship in NYC back in October. You may not be aware that pole dancing has evolved into a competitive sport---not to mention a beautiful art of individual strength and expression. You can note a heavy Yoga influence in the posing.

My awareness of the event came from my right hand lady the Marc Kane's one-time instructor in Encinitas, Laura Martin, a.k.a. the Flying Laura. When the video began, we wondered aloud: is that really my friend "Flying Laura"? Yes, the video starts out with her especially glamorous outfit!

We first saw her at O.B.'s late lamented Matt Cook Live show---a carefully improvised show, we later learned, as she had not had the opportunity to set up her pole and practice there. You could not tell it by her showing! She's quite personable as well, happy in her instructional studio loft beside Moonlight Beach. Via Facebook she shared the thrill of this very high profile show, but until now I'd not had a chance to see snips of the competition, and, best of all, back stage interviews. (Speaking of FB, give her a Like under Flying Laura if you're on there and keep up with her events!)
I think we have a crush on Zoraya Judd! But who wouldn't. Nah, not our style: she's married. But she is inspiring. Heck, I wouldn't mind having abs like that either!

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