Monday, November 1, 2010

White Lies and Black Deeds

Civility broke down; boundaries of sanity and the grave were crossed in ways unseemly to daylight...the album premiere show with its Oz fantasies played on the Voodoo Stage, but no clicked heel would ever take them home again.

The songs were sang, unplanned messages fit together in the minds of the mesmerized lookers on; "Give Up, Give In" played as the screen projected the Wicked Witch, spelling "Surrender Dorothy!" in the sky above Oz. The slave of the voodoo priestess was drenched with visions, before the morbid undertakings that led to her untimely demise, and anguish to his remaining vestiges of humanity...the rotting rocker shambled forth, united again in sinister purpose.

he'd loved her so well,
but after her tantalizing spell,

the pawn of the voodoo priestess fell

to his unholy, resurrected hands.

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