Friday, November 12, 2010

Corruption versus not corruption: the real funny business

Jon Stewart did an interview with Rachel Maddow. Can we have a calm discussion about it?
I'm going to put in my two cents
about his comments, particularly as he attempted to find a way to establish conversation safely outside of left/ right being divided by anger.

I hope you enjoy my comments, at least. If the above is not your thing, don't worry:
I have an article on how cats use their tongues, and the conclusion of four top engineers follows:

There are an enormous amount of pure lies out there, so discussing corruption accurately without demonizing available targets as a distraction requires a level head and humor. You may find neither of these people have those qualities, but if you feel that way I hope you at least gave their programs a shot rather than forming an opinion based only on secondhand opinions. They generated the conversation, but agreeing with them is not necessary to sharing the point.

I think Jon Stewart was about trying to make it easier to understand those we meet in casual life who might feel that way about Bush---so that the bitterness need not creep in real relationships. I think my politics make the most sense or they wouldn't be mine, but I want room in my life for people not of my persuasion.
The point that sticks out is: I want left/right dissolved in favor of corrupt/ not corrupt. He's trying to get people along the first divide to listen to one another and figure out how to discern using the latter. I understand feeling the left/ right divide IS largely one of corrupt/ not corrupt, though players arrive in Congress that diverge (from Democratic ideology, anyway; we might be about to see the same split with Tea Party/ Republican establishment). The important thing is: does one's p.o.v. require hate?
The question of how to keep the 24 hr. news cycle fired up is excellent material for analysis...maybe by someone smarter than Stewart, but lemme tell ya, whatever's worked out needs to be communicated, and in different styles. I watch BOTH! Much love. I like when he tells her "I like you."

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