Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some New Rock I'm Liking

Band of Horses

I like the harmonious vocals, and I'm a distorted power pop lover from way back, thanks largely to SubPop who brings us Band of Horses. It's mellow! "My love, you don't even know."

Midlake's a Texas band formed over a decade ago by jazz students who found themselves going Indie. They first broke in Europe playing festivals.

Feeling punky? Gaslight Anthem has soul, story lyrics, and a quick beat. These New Jersey guys have just put out a new record, but this one's off '59 Sound from two years ago.
Gaslight Anthem
I actually would love to hear my old mainstay Neil Young's Le Noise, but I'm going to have to figure out how to use this downloadable program to read the cds my friend Holt gave me. Good thing I have a few aces up my sleeve!

I'll be happy to post some more new local tunes very soon; I just did a run of them last week! Of course, I'm just taking a couple of days down before working on my own demo, again.

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