Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes, the only thing missing in our bountiful lives is the feeling when you know you are alleviating pain in the world. Hope deserts private moments, or perhaps lowers to a sweet whisper while we awake to the ruder cacophony where our doubts meet our feelings. Yet one day with my doubts requires no courage like those found where there is so little with which to make the best. Ennui engorgement bursts into the flow of a benevolent heart, when for one moment we live knowing we can make anything better.

Don't be disheartened by the distance made by your own fear, my friends. Those with everything to fear must smile as well. Would you like to be a part of that?

We are in urgent need to complete the following projects and attain these items.
Any contributions towards these items would be very much appreciated:

Repair the house to make it structurally sound ( cost unknown) - Need structual engineer
Plan to build a new wing to provide shelter for girls ASAP (cost unknown)
Improvement of a very weak solar energy system ($ 5,000)
Dig a well and create a self- contained purified water system (cost $10,000 +)
Second-hand minivan or truck ($7,000-$10,000)
Build bunk beds to double the number of chidren
Clothes and shoes for kids ages 5 -18
Mattresses/ bed sheets

Dining table & chairs
second-hand computers or laptops

Bless you, you may quickly forget what good you have done in this world. Consider then this forgetfulness is but the beginning of a journey towards compassion. Ponder well, your open heart and the love it feels sometimes only awaits the searching passion of the mind as it prepares for the knowledge: for someone, you might take with them a life changing distance.

Charitable giving's evaporated at a sad rate in these times of economic austerity, and you know that makes your contribution heroic. "With great power, there must also come great responsibility," and if you want to feel more power in your life, well, what better way? Love locally, act globally.

Besides, if you make it to Kava Lounge, there's a gift to you in being there, I promise! This is my first listen to Incomplete Neighbor, and I insist you give Astra Kelly a listen whether you're there or not, and it's her last show for a spell.

So it's just full of win.

Now you know how I feel. Let me tell you about the Clermont Orphanage in Haiti next.

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