Sunday, November 21, 2010

Listen LocalSD: Bands I enjoyed tonight

Wish I had clips from Citizen Band or Sweet Tooth---great rock sounds---but neither of the things I found were the same band I saw, which, actually, had a lot of the same members!

I couldn't find Nova on YouTube, but their bright pop rock sound stuck with me, particularly their "Sunshine" song.

But this is a little of the goodness San Diego has to offer. I've raved about Astra Kelly here before, but you have to give it up for hard working Cathryn Beeks.

Taming the Fox was really electric and had incredible solos full of energy. They gracefully survived the rhythm player's guitar going out ON the AIR. They were busy fixing it and "hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmm" improvising patter with a bit of grace.

Endoxi had a very, very energetic crowd. I had to go down front and get it on the feeeling: groovy stuff. Very bright! (Revision: now I've heard the album and they are very ready for prime time. Really nice, too, to boot!)

I slid over to the Delta stage for Christopher Dale: "I'm in love!" shouts the crowd. He really made an effort to involve the huge, seething room.

Words fail me. Still my ears ring. And I'm hungry.
There SHALL be a part two, okay? This is going to be a regular event and I'll announce it.

I actually missed the first five bands, but I did make it in time for these guys. They may have had the biggest crowd!

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