Friday, November 5, 2010

I feel you!

I am crossing back over into my memories of these ideas I just observed. The visual and audio experience together, the verbal content and the effective cartooning, demonstrate why I think the medium of comic books, free of genre, is so great. Forget all you ever knew about content for a moment, think of useful ways to convey material. The video is many of the strengths of the comic set in motion: indeed, the motion can be controlled, continuity of events can be re-ordered by the curious brain of the YouTube user.

I'm also responding, in another piece of writing hidden right now by this screen, and in fact just layered my writing by passing a note to Fern, based on how blown away I am by this stuff. I'll put up the "Time Secrets" one soon, it's inspiring me to write that piece lost in between the two, but now that the message's sent, it's time to slim down to one again, for a minute.

The one above is truly about empathy. Or you could imply the One Above is Truly about Empathy. Either way you could say is true!

Idea, if you haven't clicked, is that we started society, the practice of belonging, by responding to faces around us. So no wonder nurture works so hard on our natures.
Works the other way, too: a little kid smile is as close to a pure human substance as you could imagine. Yet, like life itself, it's NOT a substance, save for that given by the coordinate of time embracing an experience.

Pictures, for this reason, are a favorite way for me to "unlax" much like music: I have a creative response to them, and I don't just mean me, I mean, in the general sense, everyone is responding, everyone is involved in creating their lives, and I happen to believe in your intelligence to understand that.

So: Empathy is the opposite of utopian, for it's suffering that draws people together. That's at least one expression that can be drawn from the video. Empathy, Jeremy Rifkin suggests, is our path to civilizing life on this world. You the viewer are right there where the marker meets the board; see if you don't watch and feel creative!

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