Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phenomenal Experience

Now I’m called from beyond the grave, with a question, since the days Newton wondered how it is color appears to the mind at all, we’ve yet to answer.
For, how does anything appear in the mind, for that matter? How does one even ask?
It appears to me, for example, my best friend’s just messaged me his wife, my sister, experienced brain death at 6:06 am California time. My next call, then, goes to her.
I suppose initiating the Phenomenal Experience Program mediates the physical reaction of shock. It’s the beginning of nothing, however. This one action sets into motion our lives’ work: to discover oneself, not only here, but outside what we accept as life---another word we struggle to precisely define. Like death.

Beyond this one action, however---what can I do?

Think that's the beginning of my story, "Phenomenal Experience". Due TODAY. Fret not.

My status:
The universal call brighter burns than any star/Though Marble breaks and Iron bends, my dream is dancing far/Among the stars now that dream lives/ to find the mind that dreaming gives. ---from One Who Wields the Power of the Sun

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