Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beauty in Need Astra Kelly Rocks the Quake

Mark Chartrand, guitar, vocals Astra Kelly, guitar, vocals, songs

The beauty in need,
so painful to see,
so fearsome to know;
but kindness will go
and water the tree,
and nurture the seed

we bury to start.

The duty of art

will forge those apart
in gifts of the heart. ---Cease ill

Because I want you to have a well-recorded video, I included:

The sound's strictly amateur night, but it's fan bootleg style, don't hate.

Feel free to check out my earlier links, as well as Dawn's Tranzriffz presentation of Incomplete Neighbor:



San Diego said...

Thanks so much! :)

Smorg said...

Hey, even the sound came out quite good, I think. :o) I took a few video clips but you can hardly decipher music from them... The mic was just overloaded. :oP

Good to see you guys there (and good on you supporting good cause there, too)!! :oD