Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did you see Paul on SNL?

I don't think the 30th anniversary of John's death was an easy week for his classic songwriting partner Paul McCartney, but I could think of nothing cooler than a round of oldies on Saturday Night Live. One can critique the vocals, but I was actually very happy to see him do the songs on this special week, in John's special city.

He actually played "Jet" first.

Then he closed the night with one of my favorite Paul-penned Beatle tunes..

He was pretty good with Paul Rudd in a sketch I totally missed; it was a good night for playing music here around the Apartment of Ideas. I did catch him on Weekend Update, as that is and was the one "don't miss" part of every show.

Paul has a couple of gigs coming up in London and Liverpool to round out the year. Check'em out if you're on that side of "the pond"!

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