Monday, December 27, 2010

Good 2010 Performers I enjoyed

Gaslight Anthem The modern New Jersey sound, beneath all that snow, is timeless rock and roll. Though some people say Southernness is needed to make real rock and roll. :-D

Black Keys

I've dug these cats a while now, they really blew up this year. I see a great four or five year run for them, getting nothing but bigger in 2011.

You can hear where the Black Keys've changed from here, where I found them: If you liked the Keys, you might like the more Americana-slanted blues of Jeff Berkley and Citizen Band, "the most interesting band in the world." :-D If you like the Eagles or Wilco or Jackson Browne or Nils Lofgren, I don't see why you wouldn't dig CB. Mike Spurgat played live at House of Blues with a couple of bands; he may have been the best lead guitar player I saw this year! He brings a little "Joe Walsh" to the mix. He can bend it ruthlessly, babe. Check out "Broken Man" and "For Lillian" for two standouts.

How about some DJ's?
My sister Debra introduced me to DJ Tiesto. What else?

Chad Cavanaugh I used to enjoy meeting artists at his java Jones gig. The atmosphere had quite a mix of people rather engrossed in their laptops, but I saw some great live music there before drawing Dna #1 drew me out of the loop. I tried sketching and even tried my hand at some songs that have received more complete and unique forms since then. As for artists, the first one, Nicole Torres, was super nice, told good stories, and blew us away. She also designed the jacket for her friend

Lindsay White’s first cd, which I reviewed at this link. Java Jones itself has passed on as an entity, to some new owner or redesign coming next year.

R.I.P. Ocean Beach’s own Matt Cook Live show I think the hardest part about this city is getting people to go to things more than a few blocks away. Maybe one day we’ll have awesome public transit here in San Diego. At least it’s played some part in keeping me from living as a hermit in downtown, getting Integr8d Soul Productions up to its commercial potential and hoping everyone has better luck this coming decade.

I really enjoyed my visit, as I was personally invited by Dana Ralston to see Flying Laura.
Flying Laura
Finally here was part of why I'd love to live in Encinitas; you can just walk down the street and meet someone good for a creative jam. More ideas and possibilities than time! Plus you have Moonlight Beach. Downtown's benefited me mostly with hermitage, though a nicer asylum I've never known.

Florence and the Machine
This lady is a star, if she wants it. Goth ethos and bright hooks alternate behind the biggest new voice in rock.

I found K'naan on Austin City Limits, about the time of the World Cup

Patrick Watson

San Fransisco music pretty much opened up to me through the gateway of videos branching off songs by A Place To Bury Strangers. Macabre group name? They are not doctor's office music, but they are drop dead slick. FB Friends with a friend of the band :-0

I think Silversun Pickups have a great sound and they're just getting more creative.
I almost didn't include them here for 2010 (I am most in love with "Panic Switch") but they did have a new song out after all.

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