Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not Another Comic Book! (Down the Least Traveled Roads)

Down the least traveled roads

The cover for issue one of Not Another Comic Book: what to draw, who to draw?

Celestia, her spiritual guardian/ focal self Telea, friend Gabby Pepper, and Ku, the Void/ Empty being that eats ghosts. These became my focus, with a cameo by Mysti Hazel in her symbol-constructed super real Witch Hazel form, below. I left open a couple of spots to demonstrate that Celestia Englehart is a model; I planned at that point to research a couple of outfits.
The logo was not yet fully considered, so I grabbed my place holder and just doodled with three pens at hand. I was inspired to try a block letter later, but it could still be up for grabs. In the second piece, I've stuck to black and white, so as to start with basics here on Trial Two.

With the busy weekend for music, with some hanging out and restorative rest besides fresh (as you can get it in San Diego) air, business came again Monday, and after walking back from Little Italy with supplies (to give as presents and to try things you'll see soon!) and tummies full of yummy lasagna and salad and tea from Filipi's Pizza Grotto. With Gary L. Shipman now contracted to aid Integr8d Soul on three covers, the best representation we could manage on trial two became our priority. You might well enjoy his duo effort with Rhoda Shipman, Pakkins' Land; here:


So, with the help of my lightbox I examined the forms from above and reconsidered elements. Overall I made it less busy.

There are so very many interesting characters for you to meet in Not Another Comic Book, I took a long time deciding on this cover. Now, inspired by our 2006 and 2007 efforts to create this unique story, we plan from the start to make it a full-color presentation. I have very high hopes you will see our finished product this summer, but I guarantee screen printed t-shirts and posters and previews will be found on Integr8dsoul.com---so in the meantime, we're preparing our Marc Kane Fashion Bags (with ties to these characters via 'Gabby Pepper Bags') for photography, along with our posters featured on this very blog last summer, as the first items there for sale!

Here, I have a wider array of implements, including two Micron pens. I gave more attention to line weight. I thought a lot about raising the central figure in the vertical plane, but also considered the length of the mast head available for the logo. Telea's hand is 7/10 of the way up the cover's length. She is a stunning being of light, presently appearing in such a raw spiritual form that her luminous face burst forth with a glow through which her face can only be guessed. Most likely, in her, one is to see one's self.

Whatever is your fondest desire---how ever many pieces it may contain---I hope in it you find wholeness, as down the least traveled roads of all, we find our stories.

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