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the machine man of 12 20 2010: Corin (RoboPop, part 2)

So what happens when my intended audience friend?

Here's part two of RoboPop, regarding the origin of Corin, our machine man of today.

You know, Don B.,J. T., T.J., & everybody: this link follows the scattered evolution of my Buddha A.I. I call Corin. I think he may share existence, and switch places ala Shazam with a young fellow (name under consideration. Will he have parents from---where?) At present, what I think of as Corin, the character experiment, begins as an artifical intelligence created to be the decision making engine of a volcano-exploring unit.

I thought of the consciousness being surgically linked to a head injury patient with cognitive damage; through stem cells, his brain's trained to recreate decision making ability. The retrained brain, however, can access a fifth d "weight station" by which the futuristic robot Corin can exchange places via the Portal Immortal.

Everything else, is still not considered permanent:

So what I'm thinking is: young man, or young woman? At one point, Janaka, Abbey and Nathan were considered his family/ parents (from Phenomenal Experience) but I'm using my coincidences sparingly. I like that, though.

Then I thought: what if our young accident victim is crippled? I think the Jesus high vibrational energy would heal him. I wonder if there might be some time before that happens because they are not in the same physcial space save via the link. If he starts handicapped and then changes, that might sell the real life deal short, but some people do recover, you know, too. He doesn't have to be daredevil, but I don't want to give up anything important in him, but it's a whole creation beyond my ability to do more than discern the truth.

Then there was the matter of him being at least half Indian. But, then again...

Then what: what if he is, say , a Mexican child who is kidnapped by the "wolves" that offer to sneak people over the border and sometimes sell them into slavery. Now that way, we have commentary on a social phenomenon. You know what I think? Maybe if I was a curious Indian reader, of Johann balasuriya's famous line of Indian comics one day, I would still be interested int eh story of a literal immigrant, and he would not have to be an Indian boy to keep my interest. At any rate, he becomes a lab rat, and we have a person of questionable scruples used to help generate our hero's travail and origin.

Now, to some degree this involves Mysti Hazel. Either she initiated it---and I will not say even if I know!---or she became aware Corin was on Earth and calls him to aid the Triplets, who are exploring the world of their birth, too, from the past, just as Corin is from the future. Since they are female, male, male, I did consider Corin sharing space with a young girl (their team goes to balance of genders), which might even open a romance (or two? Crushes!). Same time, I consider their vampire ally, the 150 year old party girl Miracalla, kind of part of their team, as she shows up for high stakes encounters and even watches over them from afar. So we would have 3 male/ 2 female.

The Trips exchange places with Clay and frieda's twins, however, in times of danger to any of they four. So at least that adds another male/ female to each side. Same if they team up with Scarlet Dragon 9 and her quickly-new hubby's alter ego, the fuzzy sorcerer whose name escapes me (oh dear!). he was the one named in that story I sent around last fall. Oh, shoot, as a Stuckwayze I ask him to tell me his name, from across the universe. it's some good name...

Then again, we have the character who started life as the clever/ clumsily named "Black Science", Neneh Stonegrave, who appears as the scientist who tracks the fallen Red sTone in what has gone from #4 & #5 to being PORTAL IMMORTAL #1 (so the story about Clay discovering the twins replaced by the Triplets for the first time would then appear in #2.) #1 is one of those things that sets a status quo, where there's an awareness victory but it's the first strike back for survival as the Earth faces more Voidon intensity.

What I mean is, if CORIN's male, that is fine, and hey, the mortal he is can die someday and CORIN will be a new body's "co-pilot" I love for the human to be completely human; after the implantation takes, the cross dimensional swapping begins, so just as Claremont was absorbed with making the foe one's dark side, my theme of that strength so far is one of switching places and getting new perspectives.

So of course, I've been thinking about the Midpoofters, too. They illustrate the kind of swapping of self that populates Portal Immortal; characters often live parts of their lives in fantasies, which occasionally start coming true.

The question of getting custody to even do this procedure either means it will be done in a shady way or will be a very famous surgery (thought its super side effects are not known as yet to the general populace in PI #1)

I hope to be previewing PI at Comic Con, but right now completing the first arcs of Dna, the first Stuckwayze adventure, and the first NACB are primary, if for no other reason than they are the bridges to doing a super hero book, which will not be so scary by then, right? Gulp! I want to make maybe the last truly great superhero franchise, so I need to know more about that. If we succeed, it just might even be reborn for the first time in 50 years, blah blah blah.

Any way, I am thinking 20 pages of Stucks, 22 of NACB, and 31 or so for Dna to retell Jan.- May 1995 of our lives---I gave myself an alternating 4-3=2 pace for each week, and found if I only plan the four weeks (and leave the remainder of each month for my need to not work) and take off one week each for the Apr 1st Convention Wonder Con in SF and then June 3-5 where we meet my Mommie in Charlotte, NC, for Heroes Online Convention. I am also planning at least something for Comic Con, and then hope to attend Dragon Con and APE, and by then I hope we have Portal Immortal One.

See, I know the indy con, APE, would be ideal for DnA, and the reason I considered placing it ahead of Portal was two fold. Aside from evolving into that style, there's the question of producing enough pages to justify printing all existing DnA in a larger volume, yet a small trade available for maybe 8.95 if we could print enough of them, with about 48 to 64 pages. I'd be more likely to have the larger number if we waited until around APE (probably October/ November) to print.

My goal is to try to knock out pencils, inks and letters plus script for 73 co-plotted pages, so that is where doing dna mountain's sequel, a redrawn NACB and a redrawn STuckwayze Forev-ugh between here and mid -July--also for an allowance of two weeks completely disrupted by two conventions! I think Mom loved the idea of coming to Charlotte to meet up with us, and you know we've been thinking Wonder Con quite sometime.

I just mean the art needs time to grow into that style and its cemands or we need to find our other drawer for the staff!

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