Saturday, December 25, 2010

My love of comic books: in a nutshell

The next-to-complete digital cover to DnA #1: available next week!!!

Best team: Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four *runner –up Gerber/ Buscema / Janson Defenders

Favorite Marvel Cahiracter*: Spider-Man and Heroine: She Hulk

runners-up: 1970’s Valkyrie and Hellcat! (presently digging Wasp in Roger Stern's Avengers, and love Sue and Storm, yes they share a name as observed in X-Men Ann. 5)

Favorite Marvel Story: Hopefully one I still haven’t read yet. For now:
“The End of Spider-Man!” Amazing Spider-Man #18
runner-up: Amazing Spider-Man #248, "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

DC Team: The Invisibles

DC Cahiracter: John Constantine runner-up: Superman (honorable mention) Sandman

Heroine: Big Barda

DC Story: Ooo, the last issue of the Dark Knight Returns.

My first answer was the 66 issue run of Preacher runner-up Rock of Ages (JLA)

Favorite Artist: John Romita Jr.

Favorite Writer: 1960s Stan Lee R. Crumb 1970s Steve Gerber

1980s Roger Stern runner-up Chris Claremont (but diving into Frank Miller next!)

1990s Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Kurt Busiek

2000s Alan Moore Grant Morrison Ed Brubraker, Matt Fraction

Indie Work: enjoying the Hernandez Brothers and Terry Moore.

David Lapham's Stray Bullets, Arthur Spiegleman's MAUS,

Favorite Humor Books: Groo the Wanderer, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Local Favorites: Jay Allen Sanford, Billy Martinez
Always wanted to try : Cerebus Vol. 2

My Christmas stash this year involves a score of back issues of Power Man and Iron Fist, Morrison's Seven Soldiers book, Moore's Halo Jones, Fantastic Four 240-242, the latest three issues of Amazing Spider-man, and doubtlessly some surprises. But that's what I'll be reading while I'm alone this morning, with some good music on.

This has been a great year of revisiting comics, but while I don't plan to buy many for a while now, I do plan to write and draw about FOUR by Summertime! Two comprise the sequel to the DnA comic; another is the redrawn version of the Stuckwayze Forev-ugh. The color one will be Not Another Comic Book---also redrawn, and replotted for a tight 25 page adventure not quite like any other comic book.

I really stopped buying many comics regularly over the last decade, so there's a lot of stuff like POWERS and CHEW I'd probably give a chance. I got much more introspective here: One day I'll be just in the mood to tell you about the many faces of my old hobby, myself. Art and story together creates a fantastic possibility for collaboration; there's nothing quite like the private world between your hands where the movie you make is YOU filling in the world around those panels. I like the constant switching the brain does, dealing with words and pictures. I often get great ideas on other things and leave my comic lying around open all day unfinished.

I am sure I've forgetting something cool I'd like to tell you, but my mind's both full of a lot of things...and quite empty at the present.

Speaking of the present: Merry Christmas, one and all!!!!

Be Chill Cease ill

*Cahiracter involves an in-joke you either know or don't care about.

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