Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vado Bujinka

Our dear friend was travelling out of the country for a few weeks to study. I started a fantasy story to entertain her a spell against homesickness.

All this time later, the character, who I was mulling over for a guest spot in another untold tale, pops into my noggin when I ran across a drawing challenge: draw your favorite Sword & Sorcery character!

A Half Moon genesis.

Here, I'm inking one level at a time: the thickest fills come from one end of my Copic Pen 100. Then I break out the Microns, and lay in the bottom lines that remain with my .7, then some fine details with the .03, then the .5 to fill the rest.

After that, I white out mistakes and redraw them. I need a less cruddy white out, so when the free stuff runs out I'm going to experiment with finding recommended brands.

So, with her science fiction trappings mixed with tribal magic and myth (and a healthy dose of R.E. Howard adapted by Roy Thomas in Conan the Barbarian), Vado (VAH-doh) insisted I employ my modest skills to her definition.

So here we are: over an hour penciling, then that again, maybe more, inking and photographing and head scratching. Truthfully, this is still but a beginning.

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