Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kirby: Layout challenge 2, Dimensional Transfer

Layout Challenge #2: Kirby, all hand drawn by myself, Lue Lyron, gave me insight into how an exciting action scene can be composed, while demonstrating abstract concepts.

Here, his character Machine Man has defeated his robotic nemesis Ten-For.

The dimensional riff starts furiously sucking in everything in the environment---quite nearly, Machine Man himself.

He rewires the fission core of his fallen enemy, then prepares to open a "dimensional transfer effect." Through this gate, he transports Ten-For and his fissioning core into the middle of the invading Autocron fleet. (I haven't rendered the fleet yet.)

Notice Kirby's choices as he frames the figure in the panel. He uses perspective to convey the idea of the figure floating around a stationary viewpoint.

Post note:

I think I nailed a look for my outrageous artificial intelligence creation, dubbed "Aye Eye" in honor of Jack Kirby's unique notions of character names. (He was created for the "What if I'd been Jack Kirby's partner?" challenge, to help him create a continuation of his little-known last Marvel series.) I'm sure we can put it atop an awesome mechanoid body. I had a lot of fun being imaginative with these designs!

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