Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enjoy the Sun: more New Rock I'm Liking

My old pedicab buddy Aaron is into a band that plays "d-beat" music, Makossa. This caused me to go back and listen to the Buzzcocks---a band that some compare to the Wavves from San Diego. You get some beach rock out of the bargain, too. Speaking of surf music, this Florida band's got a bit of alt-rock mixed with classic harmony---pretty listenable stuff.

But, back to So. Cal. I've run across this name several times: Cold War Kids. I have not been a good hipster and taken home my rock and roll magazines. I am not a torrent fiend, which much be pretty out of step---but I am not. The lyrics are kinda interesting. I like this guitar sound.

This one, though, is just like a dream. There's nothing I don't like on this one. It's got a nice throwback vibe lyrically, and I just love the airy production.

Not everyone making good new rock is new, you know. Tom Petty's got a long career of songs I enjoy, and I just got turned on to this story from his new album, fitting in nicely with the mellow vibe today. Timeless, nice work by the Heartbreakers, too.

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