Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holidaze and Stuckwayze

One big box at a time I walk them to the nearby post office, assembling each set of contents with care and thought for the people getting them. It is true that if this were a job---for me to play Santa---I could do it every day.

Most of all, as I dig through our store of drawings, I hope I can touch some expressive impulse in each and every one. I would so enjoy seeing the results. Best of all, the inspiration may take them all in different ways than drawing or stories, but they will always have that piece of personal time together, which they can add to on their own.

The search for an address led me into two positive and affirming phone calls with people who may have never known how very much I did not want to let them down. Sometimes I have to wait for the steps forward; perhaps I should make fun phone calls like that a more regular part of my time.

I took a three hour phone call with my old friend Dixie, a cheery sister with whom I felt at ease, sketching away at these character designs, challenging myself with a bit of architecture, pleased to be back drawing Stuckwayze again for the first time since I left for Georgia. It could be I left some little part of myself back there that I could not do without before I felt at home again. These were the last three characters I needed to design to finish Stuckwayze #1 (which I plan to redraw, anyway). Lou Swimmie, Sapreena, and Princess Malace await inside "Big Secret Mountain"! That is, if Saga doesn't pulverise Ogie for his dine-n-dash stunt back in Uglytown.

One thing that got redrawn is the first page of D'n'A #1. I found it too weak, as it was done on a smaller page than the bristol boards that host the rest of the tale. The extra space also allowed me to letter the page more clearly, with other changes to reveal the title and correct the anatomy lost in the inking process. Much better!

Anyway, hope you have a cool holiday season so far.
Your friend Lue

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