Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hip Hop/ Pop Now

Let me lead off with maybe my favorite new singing find of the year, Janelle Monae, paired up with Sir Luscious Left Foot himself. I recommend "Tightrope," too.

If you were with me last time you know I like Outkast. Here's the bass-pumping half of the duo taking you to the club.

Watch out, Nicki is the flavor now.

If you're just now hearing this, it's got 55 million YouTube videos:-D Bruno Mars is terrific.
Driving music time. Drake's got a bit of a preppy vibe, a different kind of face for rap after the gangster persona almost became a commercial requirement. You have to have a taste for braggadocio and self-hype to like it much at all, but if you are having a crisis of confidence sometimes it helps to listen to someone who'd not in that boat.

Jay Z Rick Ross Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver produced by Kanye West Biggest mash-up of the year in hip hop? I'll have to warm up to this one. You have to follow the story or be irritated.

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