Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, as I am about to demonstrate again as I guest-write Machine Man into my pastiche project I'm making thru Christmas, I loves me some living robot. But it's the concept that I felt would unify with a philosophical mode to take the practical amusement to a place where a useful character could go out to humankind---and any other races reading along, no prejudices here at the Apartment of Ideas!

My Kirby-Ditko-IMWAN inspired brainstorm, and the questions accompanying consciousness as posited by artificial material creation, synthesized with my existing concepts developed over the past decade to unite with the apple of my fictional eye that began with Sunstrike and Valkyrie Maiden in September, 2009.

CORIN came to me in the writing of my novel TRANZ, which has given its life thus far so that many vertically accelerating beings might find fertility in exploring its seminal notions. The name for the somewhat superheroic version, inspired by the mythological rescuer of the Greek hero Oedipus, existed by the time of my 2007 sketch.

A volcano exploration robot on treads with artificial decision making abilities appeared in one of the dozen or so scenes I wrote over the summer of 2005 here in California; I researched artificial intelligence and robots through the Escondido library. I didn't have a computer of my own for quite some time yet to come, after my last laptop conked out the year before, but I hand wrote my scenes into a book.

The artificial intelligence consciousness decides Love Your Neighbor as Yourself is the logical source of motivation. I pictured this character walking the world of futuristic Kolpar, spawned by, linked to, the idea of Transmetamorphosis. How we went from a robotic avatar like Jesus and the redemption of a heaven on Earth, to bringing him into the modern day, is the story of Corin becoming part of Portal Immortal.

I want a character who could access all the digital information imaginable, perhaps, but is most urgently pondering: who, in this world, can I really help, and how? How do I even understand to whom I should speak? Accessing human kind on an individual plane, gaining and wielding knowledge in the cultural, anthropological and empathetic ways, is the basic challenge of socializing for any thinking being.

Since last week, we've explored the idea of a genuine human side to his identity. That led to a leap: we have three other young teen adventurers (not to mention a great cast that's still expanding!) waiting to meet the world of their birth---why not tie them together? Suddenly, one of the missing ingredients to Portal Immortal---some friend for the deeply important but inexperienced triplets, Elda, Zero, Analogy---became connected to the story from its beginning.

Good things do come to those who wait (and experiment!)

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