Friday, December 10, 2010

So, the results of my brainstorm for Kirby, pt. 2

Meet Sunset Bain, center of the wealthy party scene and secret dealer in exotic arms.

I wondered, of the brand new villains posthumous Kirby and I have created, or I created for working with him in my thought experiment, who among my pantheon of existing characters would be a fascinating alternative figure to Machine Man, who, after all, is Marvel's and not mine.

And then, I find CORIN, the artificial intelligence who's discovered through logic, Love is All You Need, who's been hanging on the refrigerator since 2008 at least...and fits into some of my other work...then I start thinking of who to write with this one... And when can we plot it, and who can draw it? But let's say he's donated to Jack's run on Machine Man and it's 1979.

He's golden, with blue parts on the torso and some red highlights. I'll figure out what I want you to see soon (maybe Jack can help me out with some inspiration from The Other Side?). An AI with a pacifistic Messiah complex could well challenge Aaron Stack's philosophy, as he is constantly embroiled in violence, though all he really wants, living weapon or no, is to live in peace. Too bad, son, you're in the Marvel Universe.
CORIN, on the other hand, might be something for me to think about again apart from all this...he's from the future, an evolved Utopian society that was disturbed by an emotionally-imbalancing alien force. He's back here searching in the ancient past for what may have happened before a cataclysm transformed much of humanity into a spiritual form that could travel the stars freely, as our carnal bondage is so often the source of our woes and our war with the planet. It's worth asking if Aaron Stack's intelligence isn't the ancestor of CORIN's. This could be an ongoing subplot as they encounter one another. I can only hope there's not a severe problem with having too many machine men running around. The question of a good Ultron story leaves one wondering if an Avengers crossover might not be advisable!

Back to our hypothetical #14 and 15 issue:

The Defenders: Valkyrie, Power Man, Iron Fist, working with Machine Man vs. Doctor Octopus and Sunset Bain, who are probably also versus each other, though I'd rather they were attracted to one another or something offbeat...yes, that would open some oddball characterization stuff. Their egos and ruthless natures get in the way of any continuous collaboration (I mean Bain and Octavius here).

Clea, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Nighthawk round out the appearing Defenders. I just know those first four with those two villains on the scene is a match-up that keeps the good guys on their toes. It'd be excellent to have seen Kirby's Hulk again!

I must admit, this Defenders thing would've been a cool time to have brought in Steve Ditko for a one issue guest appearance---just in case you Ditko fans out there don't think I've jettisoned Steve in favor of absent Kirby. Imagine him with Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, Power Man and Iron Fist and Machine Man to work with---especially against Doctor Octopus (and later, Klaw! But the villain behind the scenes is...)

Then Jack's back in time for Starlin's character the Magus, alternative villain version of Jack's hero Warlock. That would be enough, but I wondered if Jack would like to continue here with the Eternals. It's vague, but what did Jack leave unsaid in his Eternals experiment? Though Jim Starlin would have to play some part (co-plotter would've been awesome). Maybe it's too big of a mess to pull the Magus out of his doomed timeline, but he will appear again when Valentino re-creates Guardians of the Galaxy. He's so much the master villain type, it'd be a shame to have him as a one-off; he needs at least two issues, oh, and a could be he's too cosmic for what Kirby wanted in Machine Man.

And then around issue #17, the Eternals meet...Aye Eye?

Aye Eye is an artificial intelligence who decides to generate anarchy through playing around with the supply of "All the Money in the World!" which underscores how little money personally means to Aaron so long as he is still functional, and how much human kind depends on it to be dependable in their endeavors. It could be a chance to observe paranoia about electronic banking and the artifice of the world economy and debt-as-a-resource. How to fold the hidden gods-among-us into the title for a couple of issues is a Kirby-sized challenge, as arguably, there's something about that promising title that didn't gel.

I won't get into Black Panther, the FF at Project Pegasus vs. the Squadron Sinister in 19, Magneto and Alpha Flight in 20, Nightmare in 21, X-Tinction in 22, Absorbing Man in 23, Thor, Asgard, and the Leader in 24. And then the villain revealed behind the Magus encounter, maybe even Aye Eye if that wasn't an 'accident, is Kang, who appears in 25 along with the Inhumans.

But next time, I will tell you about "Velvetine Lives..."

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